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  • What Is Included In The On-Site Catering Tiers? What Is Not?
    Included in the tiers: - All of your custom food choices to build out the tiers - Staffing to execute the tiers, with the exception of carving station staffing - All disposable or real plates, flatware, plasticware, and/or glassware needed for the event - *note* Items with an asterisk are an upcharge NOT Included in the tiers: - Non-Alcoholic Beverages- They are $3/person, our typical package is Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Water, Iced Tea (Sweetened and Un-Sweetened), and Lemonade - Alcoholic Beverages- These are custom made proposals, billed seperate from your food. They do include a bartender, at our current rate, and ice, if necessary! - Linens- For a better selection of sizes and colors as well as professional pressing we utilize a rental company- Let's Do Linens. Due to each event and client's needs, we bill you direct for your linens. - Any additonal service staff, per your request
  • What Is Your Booking Process?
    We want to be sure we understand your specific wants, needs, and wishes. In order to be sure that we do this, we have devised a process that allows us to get to know you, while you get to know us! Step 1) Initial Client Phone Call In this 10-15 minute phone conversation, we will quickly address the concrete details of your event. This is our way of quickly getting on the same page about your wants, needs, and over all vision. Step 2) Our Private, Complimentary Tasting Join the Chefs and your Coordinator for a private, complimentary tasting of the food you want to taste! Most tastings are completed on Sundays and Mondays and last about an hour to an hour and a half. If those days or more time is needed, it is not a problem, we want your experience to be comfortable and at your pace! Step 3) Deposits & Contracts We commit so you can relax. Once this step is done, your date, and our team are aligned and committed. From here we will be in touch periodically. Should you need us, we do our best to be in touch via email or phone within a 24 hour period of time. Step 4) Final Client Phone Call Seven to ten days before your event, we will plan another 10-15 minute phone conversation, this is when we will finalize all of your timelines, guest count, menu changes, and any other pertinent details to make your event flawless. We will even accompany you on your final venue walk through if desired! Step 5) Execution The day where all the planning commences and the delicious food is served!
  • What Are The Terms Of Our Contract? Do You Have Any Payment Plans?
    The terms of the contract are: - Upon signing the contract, a 10% deposit is due. This will be a non-refundable deposit. - The remaining blance (on food and linens) will be split between 2 payments- the first is due one (1) week (7 days) prior to your event, along with your head count. - The other half of the balance is due at the close of your events. **Alcohol Contracts, since they are billed on consignment/consumption, are due at the close of the event** We do have Payment Plans available; please contact your CBC Team Member to select the payment plan that best suits your needs. There are some fees that may apply.
  • How Exactly Does Alcohol On Consignment Work?
    It's pretty simple, we provide a quote for your alcohol. This quote is built based on the information you provide us about your guests and your budget. We also will include extras based on our experience and our conversations. We also do not want to find ourselves running out to the closest liquor store and paying a higher rate! At the end of the event we count up all the un-opened bottles, and cases, you enjoy the opened cases and bottles at the after party, and only pay for those ones! We will return all the rest and take care of all the schlepping!
  • What's Next After the Contract Is Signed?
    WE’RE BOOKED! NOW WHAT!? Congratulations!! Doesn’t it feel great to mark something off your checklist? Thank you so much for entrusting my team and I to cater your big day! Now that you have signed the contract, made the deposit, what’s next? - If we have not solidified your linens, let’s get that done so we can be sure we have them reserved! - Let’s get that bar taken care of! In true Nicole fashion- here is a quick and easy bar selection form for you to click-n-pick your favorites! - 60 Days out you will get an email to schedule your walk through - 30 Days out I will be looking for the following information as well: 1) 7 to 10 days prior to your wedding we will book your Final Client Phone Call, I will send you the link to do so in the next email. 2) Payments or Payment Plan Info. 3) Who is our Point of Contact on your wedding day? 4) When you can, send us your final timeline 5) Are there any menu changes or dietary restrictions we need to know about? 6) Are there any decoration items we need to set up? 7) Finalize/prepare for the bar set up 8) Do I have the contact information for any other vendors I could need? 9) Your final headcount Nicole and the team are always available to answer any questions you have!!
  • What does your plasticware and your china/flatware look like?
    This is our "typical" plasticware. This is a better view of our heavyweight plasticware. This is a picture of our china, and our basic glassware. This is our old flatware, the new flatware will be pictured once it is recieved... gotta love back orders!
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